Thursday, November 24, 2016

Works in Progress.

Hello Everyone,
The last 2 weeks has seen everyone in my sewing group focusing on projects hoping to be finished for Christmas .I think it will all be finished in time.

Myself I have a quilt top ready waiting for batting and backing and to be quilted. This quilt is for my brother whom I have been his carer with my sister for 3 years daily keeping him in his own home as he suffers with Dementia. The last 3 months we have placed him in  24 hour Aged Care where he now lives and has his own brand new  ensuite  unit and the care he needs. .We visit him weekly now.
His quilt is to make his room more defined and homely to give him  ownership feelings in his new surrounds.
 His quilt is to be more than fabric and batting and evoke feelings of love and comfort and memories of his previous life by keeping  his mind active from the images of his working life  I have appliqued across his quilt.

Here are some of the other works in progress happening.

This fabulous bed runner will make  a lovely gift.

The colours on this wedding ring quilt is very pretty ,my camera is not showing  the true colours It is very delicate.

Love how this has been put together with paper piercing. Every block is so different

Love the cute cat fabric being made for a cat lover. A delightful fun quilt.

Soon Spring here will be over, the gum trees in our bush are looking healthy and have started to shed their bark and Summer is on the way. The days are already in the 30 C's so I think we are in for a very hot summer.

 Some of the things that show up in our gum trees. Unfortunately there  is no koalas in my bush across from us. Although it is full of lovely birds including this kookaburra .

Happy Sewing and thank you for dropping by .
Jen xx

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sewing room.

Hello Everyone
Hope everyone is happy and well.
My sewing room of late had became a dumping spot of all things  as I hadn't been able to spare the time in there enjoying  my quilting till now.
 Our life is now showing signs of coming back to our normal routines and I need room to sew. So decided to have a clean out. I put a new unit in the room to have a proper place for my things .To tidy and organise everything so I can be more efficient and organised with my quilting time. I guess some of my placements will get moved as I use them to more efficient places.

I had a helper my grandson Korbyn  who loves being in the sewing room ever since he was little making projects and little mats with the scraps and glue.
It is nearly finished only my computer and printer desk need some attention to do some filing etc.

At least I have started and will later fold all my fabric to the same sizing. Fabric scraps I tossed that were too small pieces. I will never use them so why keep them.

My wool stash .I get so tempted to add to it, but must use some first. I am being strong with this.

Hubby put a shelf under my machine and cutting table that holds fabric sorted for projects  eg  baby quilts  and finished toppers waiting to be quilted also some ufo's. It is good space under there as I only have a small room 10' 6" x 10' 6" .It has a lovely big window with shutters and lets the sun in.
Because it is small I can easy create a mess!!

I would love some matching baskets  for storage but will look into it at a  later date.

My table is  big with plenty of room behind my machine .
If I have to cut  a large quilt I have a great bench in the kitchen that will hold it.
Thank you for calling in .
Happy quilting .
Jen xx

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hello Everyone.

I am so happy to finally after 6 months to be back to my blog and be able to chat to my blogging friends again. My husbands coming home from hospital was short lived before he was back to hospital again in March .
In the blink of an eye everything can change. This happened to us 6 months ago!!
Seeing the courage of my dear husband Ray to not give up and leave me in the last 5 months of his fight for life in Hospital .
Seeing his courage on a daily basis gave me strength, faith, hope and love to believe in, during this time. Everyday for 5 months I watched how he tried knowing he could lose coming through rare complications of his 2 open heart surgeries in a matter of weeks. 5 months is a long time in the Intensive Care.
He has now been home for 6 weeks and is on the way to being well again and happier days ahead for us. He still needs some help with the daily routine but we are looking forward to Christmas and the summer months and travelling Australia in our caravan again.

No sewing for me in all this time and finally I went back to my weekly sewing class group  last Tuesday.  Happily seeing and hearing all the news and projects that had been happening while I was away. I certainly have some catching up on here also.

Some of the quilts the ladies have been making.

  Lovely work.

My granddaughter Shaylah  in front of the dragonfly quilt she loved.

 Thinking about Christmas.

Love the colour on this quilt ,so pretty.


We are enjoying some lovely Spring weather.

Hope you will call in again  to say hello,
Happy quilting
Jen xx